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A taxpayer wish list for New Brunswick

Righting New Brunswick’s fiscal ship will not be easy for the province’s new premier, Blaine Higgs. Here is a wish list from many taxpayers in the province
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Don’t be fooled by spending promises – New Brunswick can’t pay for that

During elections, politicians throw your money around like drunken sailors. But the reality is that the New Brunswick government doesn’t have the money to pay for any new spending promises. New spending today means tax hikes tomorrow, at best – and the potential for much darker economic consequences if politicians continue to ignore reality.
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Harpauer delivers early returns on hard work

Here’s an important number the Finance Minister Donna Harpauer didn’t highlight in the final accounting for last year’s budget: Saskatchewan will save about $15 million on interest charges each and every year because the operational deficit got smaller.
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The Case for Fiscal Reform

In this series of articles, the Macdonald-Laurier Institute revisits cases in the anglosphere where governments tackled their debt and deficit crises. Examples include Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.
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Hugs, kisses not in cards for Valentine's Day start at B.C. legislature

While BC's budget might have been balanced on paper, it's debt has been steadily rising for years and years. If the government is committed to inter-generational equity, it ought to do more than simply balance program spending with revenues.
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Morneau dropped deficit forecast from fall update

Burrying a government report 101: wait until December 23rd to release it.
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Canada on deficit-paved path to debt crisis?

There is an easy way to avoid such a crisis: control spending, balance the budget and start paying down the debt. It's not rocket science!
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